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 fascias-and-soffits-derbyFascias And Soffits Derby | Roofing Maintenance

Winter is approaching and now is the best time to start thinking about replacement or repairs for your homes roofing. Especially if you require mending any cracked or damaged fascias and soffits. The best way to ensure there are no nasty surprises this winter for your properties roofing system is to make sure all preventative measures are taken before the bad weather sets in. It will be a secure and worthwhile investment in the long term.

Repair or Replacement

Making the choice between replacement and repair can be tough but don’t simply ignore it or make do with inadequate repairs. Make sure your roof is well prepared and make the commitment to replace if you find their is extensive damage. Networx for example suggests you may also wish to consider replacement if your roof is more then 15-20 years old. New roofing materials and elements such as fascias and soffits are all now made to meet high quality standards. They also include modern technologies that allow them to be more energy efficient and versatile to natures wear and tear.

Many home-owners are unaware of the details surrounding their homes roofing system. For instance there is a lot to consider, such as your roofing’s size, pitch and style. Not to mention additional features such as dormers, fascias, guttering and barge-boards. There is even the material to consider and estimates can differ from each roofing type.


You will find that you may require specific roofing tiles, or fascias and soffits even bargeboards that are in characteristic with your properties architecture. You may even wish to choose specific roofing elements that are more energy efficient or low maintenance. Many home-owners find that cost is any issue but don’t always lean towards the cheapest options. There are a variety of materials from slate, aluminium and asphalt shingles for your roofs surface.

Professionals fascias-and-soffits-derby

Consider using a professional for all your roofing repairs and especially replacements to fascias and soffits. They will be able to ensure that all work is carried out to high standard that will increase your roofs life expectancy. They will also be fully trained and skilled and help the job run smoothly and efficiently. We can fully advise you about various roof services call our fascias and soffits derby team on 01332 896765. For more advise we are Premium Fascias | Unit 40 Parker House | Mansfield Road | Derby | DE21 4SZ | 01332 896765


Sheffield Scaffolding talks Scaffolding Safety


When you’re operating near scaffolding as Sheffield Scaffolding know there can be considerable dangers you need to take into account. By simply following health and safety procedures you can demonstrably reduce the amount of accidents that occur around scaffolding.

One of the most significant risks of scaffolding is hazards such as falls which create both fatal and non fatal injuries. Surprisingly 61% of falls are related to incidents of falling of scaffolding at heights as small as 2m. These tips are here to help you prevent accidents when working around scaffolding.

Have the proper training: It is appropriate that whoever is working with scaffolding has safety knowledge and training. Such training will cover a wide range of scaffolding practices; on how to remain safe and how to deal with accidents or specific scaffolding dangers.

Do not exceed load capacities: Scaffolding equipment is often set certain load capacities that should not be exceeded. This is often advised because the scaffolding is not able to take weight beyond a certain point and any excess is liable to make it dangerous and unsafe to use. Though load capacities are usually only a precaution they should be strictly adhered to in order to prevent the risk of something going wrong. Load capacities include certain items such as equipment, materials and the amount of workers allowed on platforms at one time.

Make sure scaffolding comes equipped with guardrails: Once your scaffolding is erected ensure that it comes fitted with the appropriate guardrails. Usually this is placed on the three sides facing away from the building on scaffolds of more than 10feet. If these are ever removed to enable you to gain equipment or materials you should return it immediately after.

Regularly inspect and maintain: Regularly inspect and make relevant checks on your scaffolding. Ideally this should be carried out by someone who is trained to work with scaffolding. Certain aspects you should look at are welds, stirrups, connecting pins, connecting plates, trusses, beams and working surface. You should endeavour to Inspect frames, braces and other components for damage, bends and excessive rust or wear. Also check motors, platforms or wire ropes for damage from chemicals or corrosive material.

Use PPE.  This is your Personal Protective Equipment which includes protective gear such as helmets, non-slip footwear, or safety harnesses. These are all designed to help increase protection from accidents.

Our Thoughts: As a Sheffield scaffolding firm we know that remaining safe when working with scaffolding is important. It can help reduce the risk of injuries and accidents that can become quite serious. If you’re in need of advice surrounding scaffolding then Access 4 U Scaffolding Ltd located at 16 Bishopdale Rise, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 5PE‎       01142 997993 can help you.